Our production

IMG_0108   The main product of our company is a high-temperature reinforcing filler for friction, rubber, polyurethane, sealing mixtures - polyaramid chopped fiber.

   The polyaramide fiber of our production contains a unique internal spatial reinforcing matrix of any product made with its use, and also has a high degree of dispersibility. Products made using our material can be used at operating temperatures of 700 - 800 ° C and periodicals up to 1 000 ° C.

  Physical and mechanical properties:

1. Fiber length mm, not more 1
2. Moisture content %, no more 4,0
3. Loss of substance during ignition %, no more 11

   In coordination with the consumer are ready to make material with various length of fiber.

   The material is packaged in soft disposable containers MKP weighing 50 ± 10% kg, volume - 0.8 m3.

    Warranty period of storage - 5 years from the date of manufacture, subject to the conditions of transportation and storage according to GOST.


   New products - "aramid pulp"

 - chopped aramid fiber with a high degree of dispersion.

    Physical and chemical indicators are similar to those   indicated above.

    Can be used in industries that are not properly   equipped  with high-tech rubber mixing equipment.

   In the manufacture of our fillers, materials of world manufacturers are used, whose trademarks are widely known: Kevlar, Twaron, Nomex, Arselon, Herocron, CBM, etc.

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